Download & install software

Go to Introduction to Data Wrangling with OpenRefine for instructions on downloading and installing the software.

About the data

The datasets used in this workshop were all downloaded from the Queensland Government’s open data portal © 2019 The State of Queensland, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence, CC BY 4.0..

Each of the open datasets have been altered for training purposes.

The workshop datasets have been stored in Griffith University’s Research Storage Space.

Download datasets

Download each dataset from the links below:

  1. QLDDriverReviverStations.csv here
  2. QLDTrafficAccidentCleanData_2014_2018.csv here
  3. QPSTrafficCamerasClean.csv here

to your Downloads folder.

Help & support


You can find out more via the OpenRefine website. Check out the documentation.

For advanced tutorials and support go to this list created by the OpenRefine community.

There is also a Google Group that can answer questions.

At Griffith University

Help is available from eResearch and Library specialists at Griffith University. Get in touch with us here for an online consultation.

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